Remote-Year Africa Is All About Exploring The Motherland While Working. 

Because time is worth more than money.

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Who We Are

Remote work Africa is powered by Honest Travel Experience as a subdivision of the companies Durban branch.


Remote Year Africa is a concept we have been tasting since 2010 to see how the internet will impact the jobs of the future. The idea of remote working is something most millennials are about and through studying the numbers of people remote work from 2010 to date, the number as exponentially grown.


At Honest Travel Experience we believe in making the world accessible through affordable experiences and currently remote work is the future and our goal is to make it affordable for people to be able to work from anyway in the world.


We have built and empowered ourself to be part of the future as a company we pride ourselves in thinking innovatively to be able to fulfill our mission and vision to our customers, Remote work Africa was a 5 year plan but 2020 as move the world remotely faster than we anticipated and we moving straight to the future.

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Tel: (+27) 072 640 5704

Email: info@remoteworkafrica.coza

52 Pietersen St, Hillbrow, Johannesburg,

2038, South Africa

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