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You don't have to quit your job to travel to Africa.
You can keep your job and still explore the motherland.

See South Africa while remotely working.

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Who We Are

RemoteWorkAfrica is powered by Honest Travel Experience as a subdivision of the company's Durban Branch.

RemoteWorkAfrica is a concept we have been testing since 2010 to see how the internet will impact the jobs of the future. The idea of remote working is something most millennials are for and through studying the numbers of people who work remotely from 2010 to date, we have seen exponential growth in the market.

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How it works

RemoteWorkAfrica is the best way to explore and understand different cultures and people around Africa. RemoteWorkAfrica will give you the opportunity to work and live like a local in cities around the African continent, wit the flexibility to either extend your stay in a city or move to a new one.

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Our Programmes

city of cape town


If you're considering visiting one of the world's best cities that has an interesting history to explore, think no further than Cape Town.

city of johannesburg


Johannesburg, the metropolis with the country's tallest skyscrapper's was once just veld(bush), dotted with rocky outcrops.

city of durban


Sprawling along the coast, Durban is overlooked to the South by the Bluff (hills separating the landlocked bay from the sea)

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Tel: (+27) 072 640 5704

Email: info@remoteworkafrica.coza

52 Pietersen St, Hillbrow, Johannesburg,

2038, South Africa

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